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Friday, September 27, 2019

Why do I mostly make fun of the left?

Most of the time if I'm calling some person or group out for being a gigantic pile of idiot, it's probably someone or some group on the left. Usually the far-left. I've said before that the only time I've ever voted was for Barack Obama, the first time he ran, as a registered Democrat... so why the switch? Am I a Republican? No. I'll explain with a little story.

John runs a little bar. Every Wednesday night a guy comes in, always smells of shit. Actual shit. Horrible stuff. People call him "Shitty Bob." No one knows if it's because he doesn't shower, or maybe he just works a really dirty job? No one is sure. It's become a regular thing and no one says anything to him about it at this point, it's just been accepted.

Every Wednesday night they also get a guy in the bar named Steve. Steve is always neatly dressed, smelling lightly of cologne. A real classy guy. He has his odd moments like most people but overall he's well liked.

This happens for a while until, one Wednesday night, in comes Shitty Bob, smelling of shit, and no one says anything, they're used to it. He's Shitty Bob! He ALWAYS smells like shit! An hour or so later, Steve comes in and he smells shitty too. Almost immediately someone stands up and says loudly "GEEZ, STEVE, WHAT HAPPENED? WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS?"

And that's why I mostly dump on the crazier parts of the left now.