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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Hey Nintendo! FUCK YO DOCK, NIGGA.

So you have a Nintendo Switch, hate screen protectors but you don't want Nintendo's shit ass dock to make it look like a Batman villain after a few docks and undocks... what do? Here's what you do.

First we're going to need a dock that doesn't so much as touch the shitty delicate screen on the Switch. You'll find such a dock right here. Looks nice, right? Okay, now how do you connect this to the dock? Well, you'll need a USB Type-C extension cable which you can get right here.

Could it really be that easy? Apparently yes. Set your Switch on its' new, non-terrible dock and run the extension cord from the bottom of the system to the connector inside the dock. Your Switch is now "docked" and will function as such. The screen is saved... for now. I don't have my Switch anymore due to an unfortunate accident but maybe you can be spared as similar fate by doing this.