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Thursday, September 15, 2016

My stupidity is spreading.

I noticed a few websites recently referencing tweets I've made so I thought it would be fun to list them here. I'm not full of myself or anything, I'm not a big shot famous guy, it's just amusing.

  • I was mentioned on Cinemablend.com for my obsessive Twitter post about the NX and Nintendo's lack of an announcement. Link

  • I was mentioned on a blog here for a Twitter post I made about a Donald Trump quote Hillary Clinton's Twitter account was referencing. Link

  • A Twitter post I made about a viral image was mentioned on hellogiggles.com. Link

  • Yahoo.com wrote an article about the same viral image and they also mentioned my Twitter post about it. Link

  • esquire.com listed their favorite tweets in the #FeministAMovie and mine was right at the top. Link

  • In a techtimes.com article about the final Splatfest in the Wii U game Splatoon they listed a tweet I made about it. Link

  • Funnily enough, A joke I made about the NFL using the #GamerGate tag was listed on the NBC 5 page about a Football game. Link Dead

  • I got mentioned by CBS Pittsburg for a response I made to a Tweet from the Wyoming PD about drunk driving. Link

I just thought some of these were funny :D

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