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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Looks like DavidGXtube is dead. I need help.

FINAL UPDATE: My appeal has succeeded and my YouTube channel has been 100% reinstated. Thanks to everyone who offered advice and kind words of encouragement.

UPDATE 1: I had appealed using the wrong email address originally. Apparently because of the Google+ integration my normal gmail address wasn't the correct one for my channel. I was helped by a fine fellow on reddit to find and send my appeal using the correct one. Now I'm waiting to see if that goes anywhere. Fingers crossed.

Original post below.

I'm sorry to say that it looks like my YouTube channel, DavidGXtube, is dead. At 3:01 AM CST I got this email.

This was IMMEDIATELY followed by another email letting me know the entire YouTube account was gone, still at 3:01 AM CST.

Even trying to sign on on YouTube just says my account has been permanently suspended. I took to the YouTube help forum to see if anyone there would have any ideas, ongoing thread can be viewed here.

One person speculated that it may be the two links I used below my videos. charity.DavidGX.com and stuff.DavidGX.com. The first links to the current charity I'm trying to help raise money for (legitimate) and the second is my Zazzle store where I have a few silly things I made for sale.
I'm not entirely convinced that's it though, as the king of YouTube himself, PewDiePie, uses many such links below his videos. Check the links below this video and see for yourself.

My best guess right now is that one of my videos made some people angry and they mass reported a bunch of them for spam. I'm not sure how to go about appealing this as I've already exhausted every avenue I'm aware of for doing so.

I've used this web form which was suggested to me by someone on Twitter. I've only gotten a couple of pre-typed responses back saying my account is active and I should make sure I'm using the right password. If you try to go there yourself you'll see this is clearly incorrect. I'm going to keep trying here as it's the best way, that I'm aware of, to contact them.

I've also tried contacting them on Twitter via these accounts @YouTube @YouTubeGaming @YTCreators @TeamYouTube no response there yet, although I can't say I was expecting anything from Twitter.

I've even tried emailing the CEO of YouTube susan AT google DOT com and the CEO of Google larry AT google DOT com but I can't say I'm expecting anything back from this effort, either.

So at this point I'm not sure what do. Keep tweeting at them? Try emailing them again and again? If you'd like to help me, Tweet at @YouTube @YouTubeGaming @YTCreators @TeamYouTube and ask them to unban the DavidGXtube YT channel. If you have any other ideas, please let me know in a comment on this post or on Twitter @DavidGX

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