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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

You know what pisses me off? Cry bullies crying about Zelda.

I wanna address something. I've seen a NUMBER of these far left cry bully fuckwits bitching that Link is not female in the new Zelda game. This is not exactly a new thing but I'm seeing extra ridiculous things this time. I just saw a comment from a neogaf thread where someone said that Nintendo HATES women.

Are you insane? Are you genuinely fucked in the head? Is this really the company you want to be starting this shit with? Is it Nintendo? Honestly?

Let me tell you something about Nintendo in case you've conveniently forgotten. NINTENDO are the ones who practically INVENTED the bad ass female video game protagonist. Before Samus in the original Metroid game, that wasn't a thing. After Samus? It was a thing. EVERY great female game character that came after owes something to Samus and to Nintendo.

This is the company that has women, even Princess Peach, kicking actual ass in their Smash Bros series and racing right alongside the male characters in Mario Kart. This the company that features female characters front in center in the amazing Splatoon game and accompanying Amiibo. This is the company that SINGLE-HANDEDLY SAVED THE BAYONETTA SERIES, which features a very amazing female protagonist. Are you getting the picture yet?

Is this really the company you want to shit on over this? All because they wouldn't turn a male character into a female one just to appease your feelings? Let's be honest with each other, you don't REALLY give a shit about this, do you? No, of course not. You just want to look like a big white knight in shining armor in front of your lunatic acquaintances by pretending to care about this. Look at you, the big hero, fighting for women, going after a supposed EVIL COMPANY over some stupid made up bullshit.

I used the word ACQUAINTANCES not friends, because these people aren't your friends. These people hang around you for the same reason you hang around them. You all want to impress each other and feel good about yourselves by attacking anyone and anything that might make you seem for a brief moment like some kind of righteous gender warrior. These people will throw you under the bus, get in, drive over you and then back up to do it again if they thought it would gain them ANYTHING, even in the slightest degree.

Please take a step back and look at this situation from outside your circle of crazy people. And back the fuck off of Nintendo, they've done more for gaming and women in gaming than you could EVER hope to do.

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