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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

You know what? Fuck gun control.

Yep, I'll say it, gun control is bullshit. Now, I've been a registered Democrat and am not usually the gun-nut type and I consider myself politically liberal... maybe more left-libertarian these days. This isn't about some kind of political ideology. It's not about left-wing or right-wing. It's about reality.

Whenever I hear people talk about gun control, it's always about happy thoughts, fluffy ideas and good feelings. "I mean, if we got run of guns, there would be no more gun violence!" Okay, but how? "Gun control!" You mean like we tried to take everyone's alcohol away? That sure went well. You mean how the "war on drugs" got rid of all the drugs? Joke harder, oh master of jokes, I am not yet laughing. We have too many guns and with the rise of 3D printing, making them will be easier than ever. It is simply not realistic to take everyone's guns away, even if that's something I supported I know it isn't going to happen.

I want to clarify something, I don't own any guns. I have never owned any guns. I suffer from depression so I judge myself currently unfit to own one, so I don't. But that brings me to why I think we have a problem with things like mass shootings. It's not how many guns we have, it's our incredibly poor healthcare system. Getting access to good healthcare, particularly mental healthcare, isn't easy enough. I honestly believe that to be the main issue when some jackass goes and shoots up a school. Would you honestly call that person a mentally fit individual? Surely not. So what was to stop him from simply taking an axe or a large knife and killing a bunch of people with that?

Do we take all the guns and all the axes? And knives? And pointed sticks? Heavy blunt objects? Please, tell me. I want to know how you intend to disarm everyone. I want your detailed plan, leave that in the comments below. I'm sure there are a lot of people who would be very interested in it.

I wish people who were so upset by these events would focus on what would ACTUALLY work, not what their feels feel like. You aren't going to take everyone's guns away. You aren't. If you really stop and look at this country, its culture, the constitution and the number of guns currently in circulation, you'll see that. What we need to focus on are ACTUAL solutions that would REALLY work. And, as I said, my opinion is that we need to step up our mental healthcare game by a LARGE amount. We also need to train MORE people to properly own and use guns, not try to have LESS law abiding citizens who are armed.

I honestly believe that EVERYONE who's fit to own a gun should own one. Who's going to shoot up a school where, at the very least, all the staff are armed? Who's going to rob a store when all the staff and all or most of the customers are guaranteed to have a firearm on them? You know who would do something like that? Someone who's mentally ill. Of course, they wouldn't get very far, would they?

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