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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

So guys hate Bayonetta, huh?

So, radical feminist and professional stupid person Bonnie Ruberg made a very interesting tweet recently. Click the image for the archived version:

Now, I think she, or whoever it is at her nutty panel that she's quoting, is just an idiot as I never found Bayonetta to be "terrifying" or even slightly off-putting. I loved the hell out of the first Bayonetta on Xbox 360 and I loved Bayonetta 2 on Wii U. I've never heard ANYONE, man or woman, describe her as such. I was super excited when I heard that Nintendo had basically saved the franchise by funding the second game. I really hope we get a third Bayonetta game at some point. But, I decided to see if I could gauge other's reaction to her.

Luckily, earlier Nintendo did one of their Nintendo Directs where they give their customers news and information on upcoming products. As people like to upload reaction videos to these, and Bayonetta was a surprise announcement as a new character for Smash Bros, I thought this would do nicely. Have a look at the raw, uncut reaction when Bayonetta is announced as the final character being added to this iteration of Super Smash Bros...

Skip to 20:17

Skip to 0:35

Skip to 28:16

Skip to 18:38

Skip to 1:36

No need to skip to anywhere in this one

Skip to 13:55

Truly, these gentlemen are beyond terrified. Why must you do this to us, Nintendo? Such a terrifying character that us males simply can't handle.

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