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Saturday, December 5, 2015

SJW = frauds.

It's been a wild ride over the last year and a half or so, I've learned a whole lot about humanity, most of it bad.

I've learned that tumblr is a blog full of whiny "social justice warriors." I've learned that journalism, gaming or otherwise, is 99.8% garbage. Just the lowest form of trash. I've learned that I, apparently, hate women and want them out of gaming, for some reason. Why, well they haven't told me that yet, patriarchy or some such stupid bullshit. What I want to rant about a bit here is the social justice warriors.

Don't let the name fool you, the phrase "social justice warrior" sounds like a good thing, but so does the name Patriot Act. A social justice warrior is just the human version of the Patriot Act. A great big bundle of bullshit with a shiny name tag on it. I've been on the Internet for around 20 years. I've used IRC, Usenet, IM, forums, online gaming networks across PC, WebTV, WebTV plus and a Dreamcast. I have honestly never run into a group of people more foul and hateful than a social justice warrior. Not trolls, not genuine hate groups, no one.

These people, made up mostly of overweight rainbow haired women and goony white beardmen, claim to speak for and defend women, minorities and "the oppressed." What they ACTUALLY do, it seems, is engage in a never ending hostile campaign against anyone who disagrees with them, using women and minorities as a shield and pawns in some weird game of harassment meant to gain them e-fame and/or money.

I've seen them get people fired from their jobs for a different opinion and I've seen them drive a woman to tears and right off of Twitter just for daring to talk with people they, and she herself, disagreed with. The cult of social justice demands strict obedience or you're as good as dead to them. You and anything you may have done for them or their cause in the past is instantly forgotten. You are thrown away. These people will constantly contradict themselves and show a complete and total lack of self awareness, often going against their own recently stated positions just to try and achieve some small victory in the present.

If you've interacted with, or even observed, SJWs then you knew all of this already. I can think of a lot of words to describe an SJW... evil, stupid, hateful, but I think the one that really fits the bill is: Fraud. They are absolute and total frauds. Some SJWs are simple opportunists using their group of useful idiots for personal gain, others are genuinely caught up in the idea that they're some kind of courageous heroes battling the forces of oppression. My advice? Avoid them. It's not worth the headache to try and reason with one and your faith in humanity will only plummet in the process

I think if I was on an island with an SJW and a Nazi, and had a gun with two bullets in it, I'd shoot the SJW twice just to be sure. At least the Nazi would be honest about their hate.

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