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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Attention console and PC gamers.

This has been annoying me recently so I wanted to write something about it. Lots of people are always saying *insert console here* is underpowered. Usually they mean in comparison to PC.

Well guess what? Compared to PC, CONSOLES ARE ALWAYS UNDERPOWERED! You will ALWAYS be able to build a PC that destroys the newest consoles if you're willing to put the money and effort into it. That's just reality. There's absolutely ZERO point in bitching about console horsepower, on the Internet or anywhere else.

Consoles are about three main things. Cost, ease of use and exclusives. Consoles are a cheaper option that are generally easier to set up and use. They also tend to have (at least, eventually) a library of games that you can only play on that hardware. If you're getting a console to obsess over graphics, you've already lost.

If you're a fan of having the latest and greatest, build yourself an amazing PC and have a happy life. I have a really good gaming PC myself, and can attest that it's awesome. I also have a Wii U and recently picked up a PS4. I know damn well that the PS4 and Wii U won't be able to compete with my PC, I don't care. The Wii U has an awesome library of exclusives and the PS4 will as well. The only thing you need to worry about is the games. Where ever the games you want to play are, go there and enjoy them. Build a PC, buy a console, do both! Just enjoy yourself.

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