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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Petition for a new F-Zero for Wii U.

So one of the few things we didn't get was a new F-Zero game. A petition was launched to show that we, the fans, want a new one. I just signed it and am asking you to do the same.

There's a misconception that online petitions don't do anything, especially for anything video game related, but that's not the case. Several games have been localized for the USA based on petitions and the original Dark Souls was brought to PC because of a petition. They can work if they get enough support and if the company is interested. If you want a new F-Zero, now is a good time to show that there's real interest from paying customers in getting one.

Sign the petition.

Also, please share this post or the petition link itself with your friends and anyone else you know that might be interested.

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