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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

It's time to contact the FCC again.

I urged you just recently to contact the FCC and FCC chairman Tom Wheeler. I still recommend you follow my advice and do so, but now that the new FCC rules for "net neutrality" (notice the quotes) have been proposed, they're taking comments from the public on them. We need to email them, now. In massive numbers. We need to let them know that the proposed rules are garbage and we need REAL, BINDING net neutrality. None of this watered down bullshit.

A funny video popped up recently by John Oliver. It's from his show on HBO. He explains the issue and is hilarious as always. Have a look...

Click here to be taken directly to fcc.gov/comments. If the page is down due to high traffic, you can send an email directly to openinternet@fcc.gov

This is super important so I would really appreciate you contacting the FCC. The future of the Internet as we know it is at stake.

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