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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Call Tom Wheeler and demand REAL Net Neutrality!

UPDATE 2: Want to do even more? This site allows you to send faxes directly from the web page. Send one to the FCC's toll-free fax number 1-866-418-0232 and ask that Internet be classified as a "Title II Service" to guarantee Net Neutrality. Thanks!

UPDATE: There's something else I need you to do. Click Here to find your representatives. I need you to call each one of them and ask that Internet be classified as a Title II Service so we can have real, iron-clad Net Neutrality. I just did this myself and would genuinely appreciate it if you would as well.

I wasn't going to make my own video, but I was inspired recently by calling Tom Wheeler and leaving a message on the subject, so here you go.

Click here to be taken to a page with the appropriate phone number and a script, if you want one. I went by the script and added my own thoughts after, which I describe in the video above.

For more detailed information on the subject, see the post below this one.

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