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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Twitch.tv Streaming.

Lately I've been watching (and enjoying) a few people stream various video games on Twitch.tv, so I've decided to give it a shot myself. I've already streamed a bit on my first day and so far, I like it. I streamed a bit of Rust and then some League of Legends with a couple friends. I'll likely stream more soon, so watch out for it.

If you follow me on Twitter @DavidGX you'll get a message there whenever I start streaming. The best way to to be notified is to follow me on Twitch directly. Check out my Twitch.tv channel right here and be sure to follow me there.

Please stop by during a stream and and say hello, chat a bit and be sure to give me any suggestions for games to stream. Some people who stream get donations, although I don't really expect to get much in the way of that. I plan on buying a friend of mine a copy of Planetary Annihilation if I actually happen to get enough money together, through Twitch streaming or other means.

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