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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Xbox One or PS4? How about neither? At least for now.

Update: Added a very relevant video near the bottom. Check it out.

Updates: I'll add an update here or there to this post as certain points become more or less relevant in the following days.

I've had my say about Xbox and why it doesn't deserve fanboys but a lot of people are still wondering which of the two new consoles to get soon. My opinion? How about neither? For now, anyway. Let me explain.

  • Potential hardware issues.

  • This was a BIG one for the Xbox 360. The first Xbox may have been a rock solid machine, but the 360 (at least for the first few models) was a piece of shit. Many people paid the price for that, including myself. Now, I seriously hope Microsoft would be smart enough to make DAMN sure that didn't happen again with their new system, but I'd still be wary of getting one for a while, just to be safe.

    As for the Playstation 4, I'm a little concerned about this one for slightly different reasons. The PS3 didn't have a huge failure rate like the 360 did, but the PS4 is new hardware which always has a chance of failure. Unlike the Xbox One, the Playstation 4 has its power supply inside the system. The system itself meanwhile is smaller than the Xbox One. Those two things combined means more tightly packed components and a greater potential for heat. It could just be that the system is very well designed and this won't be an issue, but we won't know for a while after launch.

    Update: A small (so far) percentage of both Xbone and PS4 systems have experienced issues. It's always a safe bet that when a new console launches, some people will have bad experiences with them. A great reason to wait a while before purchasing one..

  • Looming price cuts.

  • Despite all the whining that happens when a system gets a price cut by the people who just bought one last week, it's going to happen. In fact, it's most likely going to happen within a year of the release of both new systems. With the Xbox One launching at $500, a price cut is almost required as soon as Microsoft can manage to do it. There's even plenty of industry speculation that this will be the case, especially if sales lag behind the PS4.

    As for the Playstation 4, I could definitely see them taking $50 or more off the price within the first year, especially to counter any potential price drop from Microsoft to maintain a healthy price advantage. If either of these two systems stays at the launch price for more than a year, I'll be surprised. If you're a thrifty gamer with plenty of patience, it might pay to wait.

  • Lackluster launch lineup.

  • I'm personally not too impressed with the launch lineup for either system. There's Ryse, for Xbox One. That's been reported as being about as fun as dialing a phone. A repetitive QTE-fest that has nice graphics and not much else. Killer Instinct for Xbox One isn't being made by Rare, so that killed any enthusiasm I had for that game. It could turn out to be nice, but not having Rare make the game is an absolutely boneheaded move that I couldn't even begin to explain.
    The really big titles for Xbox One like Titanfall and Halo won't be out at launch, so there's no hurry.

    As for Playstation 4, it's mostly the same deal. Highly anticipated titles like Infamous Second Son and Final Fantasy XV won't be out for a while. Unless the Killzone Shadow Fall looks like something you absolutely need, I'd hold off. Both systems will most likely end up with a great library of games, but not for at least or a year or two.

  • Limited availability.

  • Hopefully this won't be an issue, but I'm aware that at least some people are planning over night camp outs for one of the new systems. Not only will waiting give you a better lineup, a better chance of knowing how the hardware is fairing and a potentially lower price, but you won't have to sleep in a tent outside in the cold, if availability turns out to be an issue, that is.

    Update: From what I'm hearing, availability is, in fact, going to be an issue as pre-orders seem to be sold out pretty much everywhere.

    Oh hey, I almost forgot this. Here you go.

    So there's my thoughts on the two new video game systems coming out soon and why you might want to wait a while before buying either one (or both.) What do you think? Are you going to get one or both anyway? Let me know. Leave a comment.

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