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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Product Review: Dust An Elysian Tale.

I recently finished one of my favorite games in recent history and thought I would recommend it to you. It's called Dust An Elysian Tale and it's awesome.

Why is it awesome? Well, a few things. The graphics are beautiful. While not quite as high res as something like Rayman Legends, the art is very well done. It's just wonderful to look at, especially in motion. The characters are hand drawn and everything else appears to be painted, either by hand or digitally I'm not sure.

The game play is very fun. Lots of exploration and melee combat with your giant talking sword, Ahrah. I never got tired of combat as doing combos and slaying enemies was always enjoyable. The game is sort of a "metroidvania" with multiple paths and back tracking as you gain new abilities that allow you to reach previously unreachable areas. Going back to previous areas was never annoying, especially since the art is so nice and absolutely wrecking the enemies with your now higher damage. The game has light RPG elements with the ability to level up and upgrade your health, damage and other attributes to make yourself more powerful. Purchasable items such as armor and trinkets further improves your character, although they don't change your physical appearance.

I can't go much into the story, for the sake of not spoiling anything for you. Your character begins the game not knowing who he is or where he came from. You acquire Ahrah, meeting Fidget (your sidekick throughout the game) and begin the quest to discover the answers to those questions. During the course of your adventure you meet many interesting characters and accept various quests you can complete. Some of the quests are minor, but they're fun and allow you to learn more about the amusing and well written characters throughout the game.

And finally, the characters. My favorite part of the game. The three man characters, Dust (you) Fidget (your sidekick, a small flying creature called a Nimbat) and Ahrah, your talking sword. The dialog between Dust and Fidget are an absolute joy to witness. Fidget is probably my favorite character from a video game in a long time. She's cute, funny, and yet still manages to grow as a character throughout the game and has some real emotional moments. She's voiced by the incredible Kimlinh Tran so check out her YouTube channel. Although if you haven't yet played Dust, some of her videos may contain minor spoilers. The rest of the characters are great and the voice acting is well done for everyone. I found myself wanting to continue playing just to experience more of the story and find more cutscenes, which doesn't happen often with me and games.

I could probably ramble on some more but the bottom line is, the game is fantastic. The game is available for PC on Steam or for Xbox 360. I highly recommend it.

Verdict: 5/5

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