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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

You know what pisses me off? Obama.

This is why I don't pay much attention to politics or the news any more. Why bother? The government is going to do what it's going to do. Republicans get elected and fuck things up, Democrats get elected and fuck things up, no other party has any chance. All the voting, and protesting, and petitioning in the world seems pointless. With George W Bush, the guy was an idiot. A moron. A right-wing piece of shit with no concern for the average American citizen or their rights or privacy. In comes Obama, who seems like a CLEAR alternative to all of that. He talks a big game, gets elected and... what? PRISM? Oh wow! Thanks a lot!

And don't tell me this shit started under George W Bush, I realize that's likely the case. Obama should have completely dismantled it by now, instead of being a big supporter of it. So let me ask you this, why bother at this point? Who could I possibly vote for now? A Republican who is sure to further this bullshit? Or maybe a Democrat, who, at this point, seems sure to further this bullshit? Or maybe I should throw my vote away on a third party candidate who has exactly a 0% chance to be president?

What could a politician say at this point? What could they promise? Obama gave amazing speeches, made big yet plausible promises and we see how that worked out. Say someone else runs next on the Democratic ticket and makes good speeches and promises to protect our privacy, why should I believe that person? Why should you? Why should ANYONE? Fuck it.

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