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Friday, July 5, 2013

Hot pocket Joe.

Joe was a mild mannered extremist, until one fateful day.
A day like no other, but this was no day like no other, oh no.
It was a day that was full. Full of fate. One might say... fateful.
Between bouts of explosive diarrhea and fist fighting the elderly, he experimented.
He twisted the very laws of nature to his whims. His experiments most foul.
Joe worked mostly with Mexicans, and a few guys from New Hampshire.
Their minds warped and their bones twisted by his awful machinery.
One day, while working with various types of radiation and pudding, he felt it.
Power, unlike anyone outside of the MPAA had ever felt. The power to shape his world.
He discovered an ability to shoot microwaves from his hands.
Would he use this power for good? Evil? Neutrality? No.
He had other plans.
Joe would scour the earth, for hot pockets.
With merely a gesture he would alter their very atomic structure.
They would become searing hot on the outside, frozen on the inside.
Did he conquer earth? Spread terror? Change the world? Not at all.
And that's how he become known as Hot Pocket Joe.

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