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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Xbox One does away with DRM, but why did it ever have any?

So you've probably already heard, but the internet is flipping its shit over Microsoft giving in to the extreme displays of hate and displeasure surrounding some of the Xbox One policies. They've decided to completely get rid of any DRM disc based restrictions for renting, trading, selling, or buying used games. They've removed the requirement for your games to periodically check in online. Okay, that's great but...


I just... I can't imagine why. Did they not know what would happen? Why didn't they just ask? Because ANYONE could have told them. You could have, I could have, absolutely anyone. How do you not predict the backlash and anger and hate that would come your way if you announce that the new Xbox is going to have this type of shit? Why did they not see it coming?

Was this a severe lack of vision? Were these policies thought out by people who have absolutely zero idea what people want? How could this ever have happened? Don't get me wrong here, I'm definitely glad that they've pulled an "Xbox 180" and reversed their decision on the disc DRM and online requirement bullshit, it's a good thing for gamers and gaming in general. It's certainly a good thing for anyone who wanted or wants an Xbox One. I'm not bitching that they're (apparently) fixing things, but they shouldn't have broken them to begin with.

I kind of wonder if the people from Microsoft who decided to put the "Metro" touch based UI in the full version of Windows 8 had any hand in this. This just stinks of that kind of "give people what WE want and let them get used to it" mentality that they seem to have lately. My advice would be to find everyone in Microsoft who thought this was a good idea and fire them immediately before they do any more damage to the company or its products. They've already put a huge dent in consumer trust and faith in the Xbox Division, and they almost just killed the Xbox brand outright.

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