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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Now might be a good time to buy a Wii U.

I just wanted to share my excitement for the Wii U system and games that will be releasing for it this year. With E3 still a little over 11 days away, most people might not get my enthusiasm for the system. I'm sure once the 11th of June rolls around, that will change. On June 11th E3 will begin and early that morning, 9am CST, we'll get the E3 edition of Nintendo Direct. We'll see a list of exclusives that are very likely, in my opinion, to be the best lineup of games in 2013. Here are the games I'm currently excited to see...

New 3D Mario (full title not yet available)

If you played Mario Galaxy or and/or 2, then you know why you should be excited about this.

New Mario Kart (full title not yet available)

It's a new Mario Kart, for Wii U. When is Mario Kart not awesome? Never, that's when.

New Super Smash Bros (full title not yet available)
Possibly my most anticipated title of the show. Everyone who's a gamer should be excited for this. Who doesn't love Smash Bros??

Bayonetta 2

When I originally heard that Bayonetta 2 was cancelled, I was upset since I loved the hell out of the first game. Luckily for us, Nintendo stepped in and published the sequel. It's now a Wii U exclusive.

Sonic Lost World

One of the three titles in an announced partnership between Nintendo and Sega. This, like the other two, will be Nintendo exclusive. Meaning either Wii U or Wii U + 3DS. This game looks good, and with the quality of the last two Sonic games, this makes me very hopeful. I can't wait to see more of this.

The Wonderful 101

This looks like Pikmin with super heroes. I'm itching to give this one a shot and see how it plays.

Pikmin 3

It's like The Wonderful 101 with plants... wait... no. I only played a little bit of Pikmin 2 but found it enjoyable, so I'm looking forward to this one.

Yarn Yoshi (possibly not the final title)

I loved Kirby's Epic Yarn. Despite how easy it was (you couldn't die) I enjoyed it a lot. If this one is as fun as that, I'm on board.

The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker HD (possibly not the final title)

I really liked the original Wind Waker, despite my initial misgivings about its graphical style. The newly remade version for Wii U is right at the top of my "must play" list.

New Zelda Title (full title not yet available)

I'm not sure who much of this we'll learn about, but I'm sure it will at least be mentioned. This game is going to be absolutely massive. Whenever it's shown, whether at this E3 or later on, it will make waves. You'll hear about it.

New Zelda Title (full title not yet available)

I'm not sure who much of this we'll learn about, but I'm sure it will at least be mentioned. This game is going to be absolutely massive. Whenever it's shown, whether at this E3 or later on, it will make waves. You'll hear about it.

If you're even a little bit excited for Nintendo E3 news and information, don't forget to check out the Nintendo Direct the morning of June 11th and the following coverage from gaming websites for the entire week of E3. Oh, and if you're a big Nintendo fan and don't yet own the system? You should buy a Wii U right now.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Play what's FUN, not what you think is COOL.

I just wanted to rant a bit about some people that are pissing me off. See, I'm a gamer, a lot of people are. Games used to be somewhat limited in their type. Mostly hardcore, difficult to win, lots of sports and shooters and platformers. Move from left to right while random objects try to kill you, etc. These days, games come in an absolutely gigantic variety. Hardcore, casual, 2d, 3d, indie, far too many for me to list in a reasonable amount of time.

Even if you think you aren't a "gamer" you probably are and just don't realize it. If you've played anything that even remotely resembles a game on facebook, congratulations, you're a gamer. A lot of cable and satellite boxes have games or game channels, too. And if you play those? You're a gamer. Cell phone games? Even extremely simple ones? Yep, gamer. Games have evolved into such a rich medium that they encompass everything from the 100 million dollar epic down to something as simple as the most basic, one-man indie title.

My point is, there are a LOT of different types of games. What's getting on my nerves are these people who think that certain gamers are "cooler" or "more mature" than others. That some games are just for kids and shouldn't be played by anyone over a certain age, often for the most ridiculous reasons. I'm not talking about some kind of ABCs-123s teaching game, I mean anything that's colorful. Anything that looks like it could have been a Saturday morning cartoon. Something that wouldn't horrify grandma into a coma.

I'd like to say that it's only young, childhood gamers that do this, and it often is, but not exclusively. Plenty of people of all ages fall into the trap of not playing a game or even giving it a chance because it's cartoony and colorful. Everyone wants CALL OF MADDENFIELD BROWN WARS XTREEEEME because they think a game like Kirby or Mario is too colorful and therefor only for children. These type of people are one of the biggest things wrong with gaming today. Good games with incredible gameplay get overlooked for reasons like this, it's just not fair. It hurts the entire industry when good games sell like shit sandwiches because they aren't dark and about shooting.

Whenever I see a Youtube video of a game like Kirby or Kameo and the comments section is filled with "DIS GAME IS FOR CHILDREN CALL OF DUTY IS A REAL GAME" it makes me sad, and also makes me wish people like that would all get cancer, and die. You should be willing to give anything a try, whether it's ULTRA BROWN MILITARY SHOOTER 12 or a colorful game about a fairy who turns into a plant. You're only lessening your potential fun if you only play what you think is "cool" or "mature." If you're one of those people, do yourself a big favor and start trying some of those games. You might be surprised.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Democrats, save your party

I posted a list of suggestions to fix the Republican party before and I was going to post a list of ideas to fix the Democratic party, but I won't do that. Not that I don't have ideas, it's just that most of them boil down to one thing, the Democratic party needs to grow a spine.

I like the Democratic party, in theory. In practice, it's usually somewhere between "okay" and "deep depressing disappointment." Democrats have better ideas but don't stand up for them nearly as much as they should or for as long as they should. They often abandon their grand ideas and big proposals when met with the slightest opposition. They're too afraid of defeat or bad publicity. They think they can pander to ALL demographics, age groups and ideologies.

It just comes off as... bad. Disappointing. Terrible. Republicans can go as crazy, batshit, right wing nuts as they want and get votes from their base. Democrats? Not so much. Where are the mighty Liberals, TRUE Liberals, not this watered down ineffectual moderate bullshit we get now? I don't know. I wish we could get some, in office, preferably with some kind of majority.

I want to see Democrats that say "here's what I'm fighting for, here's why I'm fighting for it" in a clear and concise manner. Democrats who won't back down when the polls shift slightly or the attack ads start. Democrats who aren't afraid to lose an election because of doing so. What we have now, for the most part, are a bunch of spineless, watered down has-beens who should have given up a long time ago and let someone else who might actually put up a real fight give it a shot.