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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Republicans, save your party.

I was just thinking of what a funny/horrific idea it would be for Sarah Palin to be elected president, when I remembered that she actually has a somewhat sizable following in the Republican party. I'm not worried that she could actually become president, but it reminded me of just how batshit insane the GOP has become. If you or anyone you know is a Republican, you should probably be trying to save your party from this or tell them they should be. Here's a few of my ideas.

  • Social conservatism, drop it

  • This has been a scourge on politics for a long time. It's the kind of old, outdated thinking that's holding back not only your country, but a good section of the world. It makes your entire party look like a group of bigoted cavemen Get rid of it.

  • Religion, keep it out of politics

  • This is another major flaw of the party. Mixing your own personal religion with politics and policy is holding back progress and alienating the younger, increasingly non-religious segment of the population. This is one of the things that will eventually doom your party if you don't fix it. You know how you guys just HATE the idea of Islamic law in America? Yeah, that's the way I feel about you guys and Christian politics.

  • Cut the bullshit

  • Most politicians just love them some bullshit, but the Republicans are extra guilty of this. Hell, they have their own TV network (fox "news") devoted to 24/7 Republican themed bullshit. Of all the liars in politics, Republicans are #1. If you have to lie and distort reality to win elections, you should probably work on your policies instead of your double speak.

  • Stop trying to steal elections

  • Speaking of bullshit, the Republican party should really stop trying to steal elections through things like voter misdirection, gerrymandering and voter suppression. Trying to pass "Voter I.D." laws on the phony premise of preventing fraud in minority and Democratic-leaning areas is not even subtle. Everyone knows what you're up to, stop already. This includes schemes such as trying to split the electoral votes of states like California.

  • Stop being corporate puppets

  • Being "pro-business" shouldn't mean that you're a slave to it. Your first duty should always be to the American people, not corporations. Big Business exists to serve the public, not the other way around. Stop giving huge tax breaks to oil companies and the rich while raising taxes and cutting benefits to everyone else to pay for it.

    That ends my little rant about the Republican party and what it should do to start fixing itself. I have some stuff to say about the Democrats as well, that's coming soon. Thoughts? Comments? Ideas?

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