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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A video I think everyone should see: Hollywood Legend Ed Asner Has Outraged Republicans Over This Animated Short

Share this video with everyone you can. A simple video that everyone can understand explaining the issues with the "1%."

Saturday, February 16, 2013

DE (Double Edge) Safety Razor: Part 1.

So after browsing a popular social media site, particularly the part that talks a lot about shaving, I finally ordered a Double Edge Safety Razor from Amazon. I thought I would share my experiences as I use it for the first few days or so.

Let me start by saying that I really don't like shaving. I find it to be tedious and annoying. I wish I could simply stop growing hair on my face below my eyelashes and be done with it forever. Unfortunately, shaving is a necessary thing unless I want to look like some kind of hairy beast of folk lore. I've tried a couple electric razors and found them to be... shit. They did a "meh" job while taking a lot of effort. They pulled and tugged far too much. Multi-blade cartridge razors fared better, but still more tugging and pulling that I would like. Not to mention the price of buying replacement cartridges. Absolute bullshit.

Double edge razors are cheap as hell. I mean in the area of $10 for 100 razors cheap, with each one lasting around 4 -6 shaves. Do the math. Yeah. Awesome. Safety Razors are old, but have started gaining popularity again due to the quality of shave you can get and the low price of replaceable razors. Admittedly, you need a little more skill to get a good shave with a Safety Razor than with an electric or cartridge razor, but adamant users of Safety Razors will tell you it's well worth the effort to practice and learn.

I got my Safety Razor, my brush and my blade sample pack. Because different blades perform differently based on the person, technique and razor it's recommended by pretty much everyone that you buy a sample pack with your new Safety Razor. It includes samples of many different brands so you can find the right one to buy in bulk. My first shave went well, a couple tiny nicks but nothing bad. Even though you're using a razor blade, they're called Safety Razors for a reason. Unless you were drunk/high/extremely careless you aren't going to do any real damage to yourself.

The key is the angle at which you hold the blade, which I found easier than I thought it would be. I could feel when I had the correct angle, which I wasn't expecting but was pleasant surprised by. The other thing to remember is to not use any pressure. Merely touching the razor to your face and letting its own weight press against you is enough, you don't need any more than that. The resulting shave was good, not amazing. I would attribute that to my lack of skill mostly, with another factor possibly being my current choice of razor blades which is the brand the razor came with. I'll try other brands and hone by skills and I'm sure I'll start getting really amazing shaves.

I'll close by saying that I enjoyed shaving which is really rare for me, so that's a huge plus right there. In fact, I'm looking forward to shaving again so I can get more practice. I look forward to getting better and trying different brands of blades from my sample pack. I'll link everything I've discussed here below so you can give it a look and quite possibly a try if you're feeling adventurous. I'll update soon after another shave or two and detail my progress a bit.

  • Edwin Jagger De86bl Faux Ebony Double Edge Safety Razor, Black

  • Van Der Hagen Men's Luxury, Shave Set


  • Wednesday, February 13, 2013

    I don't give a shit about drone strikes on American Citizens.

    I'm not going to paste a ton of links for sources on this issue because Google exists, use it. There has been quite a lot of hoopla over the killing of Anwar Al-Aulaqi via predator drones. A member of Al Qaeda. So.. what's the issue? Well, he had American citizenship.

    Skipping a lot of bullshit, the basic issue people are having is that he should have been arrested and given a trial due to his American citizenship. It's said, among other things, that his citizenship grants him Constitutional protections that should prevent him from simply being bombed in some random country. It sounds okay in theory but... I can't bring myself to give a shit.

    I'm a pretty liberal guy, but as far as I'm concerned if you go sign up with a group like Al Qaeda and start plotting against the USA, you should probably expect a cruise missile to land on your head, regardless of your citizenship. Honestly, I don't care about the legal justification, I personally don't believe that you should be able to go to another country and join a terrorist organization and still expect your rights as an American citizen to remain intact.

    If we refused to bomb a site because we knew one of the terrorists had American citizenship, what then? Do groups like Al Qaeda start recruiting people with American citizenship in large numbers so they can put one or two at every gathering and grouping to prevent them from being attacked? I don't buy it. Maybe I'm just crazy, but I really don't care about this issue in the slightest. If you want to complain about the government or people in power, there's plenty to complain about without bitching about terrorists being killed. Maybe I'm insane, but that's my opinion on this.

    Update: Just wanted to clarify that if you're in your house in fucking Chicago with some unpaid parking tickets, I wouldn't consider it okay for the government to blow up your house. I think there's a difference between that and joining Al Qaeda and plotting terrorist shit against the country from some cave or bunker somewhere in Fartistan.