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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

You know what pisses me off? Not news.

Since everyone loves lists, here's a small list of some things that are NOT NEWS and should NOT be covered by news stations.

  • The British royal family

  • This is not England, why the fuck should I care about the fake, figurehead "royalty?" Why is this on American news? What effect does this have on us in the slightest? Hell, what effect on the people of ENGLAND does it even have?

  • The Kardashians

  • It's basically the same issue as with the news covering British "royalty" except slightly dumber. These people are nothing, literally, absolutely, nothing. Yet for some reason, news stations just love to waste time talking about them. I'll probably never understand it.

  • Let's check in on Twitter/Blogs/Facebook/etc

  • I have a blog, you're reading it right now. But you know what? It's not fucking news worthy. The same thing goes for Twitter posts, Facebook posts and every other kind of "social media" that exists. I don't turn on CNN to see what the "blogosphere" is saying. I have a computer, I can see that on my own. I don't need a national 24 hour news network to let me know.

  • Pets

  • Did someone find a lost dog? Did a cat that was missing for 7 years find its way home? That's great, but it's not NEWS. If I wanted random stories and pictures and videos of cats and other animals, I have the Internet for that.

  • Stupid criminals

  • Did some burglar get caught in a chimney? That's funny but... it's not news. Unless some random crook broke into the White House, slipped, fell, and landed on the "launch nuclear weapons" button, it's not important or news worthy in the slightest. Leave that kind of stuff to late night talk show hosts.

Is there anything that isn't news worthy that you're tired of hearing about on the news? Leave a comment and let me know.

1 comment:

  1. "There was more fighting on the Gaza strip today..."
    There has been fighting on the Gaza strip for almost 40 years now, who gives a shit!
    "Couple looses everything in house fire."(Lead story,happens every 2-3 days) Sorry, but this is life, not news.
    "Automobile accident/fender bender at(any) street near (that) street." Why should I care? Why is this news? No one was hurt, then why is this lead?
    And the biggest pile of bullshit ever: "...scientists think that this discovery may one day lead to a cure for cancer."
    My TV stays off for several days when I hear this phrase.


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