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Sunday, January 13, 2013

The problem isn't guns, it's gun nuts.

Since everyone is weighing in about the current gun debate, I will too. Here goes.

I think the problem we're having with guns isn't due to the guns themselves, but gun nuts. What is a gun nut, exactly? I don't mean people who love guns, have a lot of guns or support the Second Amendment, that's not it all. When I say gun nut I mean someone who lets their love of guns, love of the second amendment and/or their irrational fear of the government affect their judgement.

Take for example, the NRA, the National Rifle Association. A very powerful group that lobbies the government for less gun restrictions and more freedom for gun ownership. Sounds fine, right? Rights should be protected and fought for, the right to bear arms is no different. The problem is that the NRA are gun nuts. Why? Because they aren't... what's the word... oh yeah, sane. Honestly though, that gives them too little credit. They aren't stupid, they just act incredibly stupid.

As soon as the gun debate started after the recent school shooting, instead of discussing the issue like rational adults, they immediately start pointing fingers, wildly at anything that will distract people from the real issues. They suggest things as insane as a national database of the mentally ill. They blame media such as movies and video games, which is pretty much the last ditch effort of someone who has no legitimate argument. The video game thing is so old and has been done to death. Penn and Teller did an an episode of their show Bullshit debunking this.

Instead of silly distractions, we should be having a real debate about this issue, but it's hard to do because of all the noise generated from panicky, finger pointing bullshit peddling gun nuts like the NRA. Let me be clear about something, I'm a liberal and I support the Second Amendment. I don't own any guns currently but that's not an impossibility for the future. Personally, when I think about the recent shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, I don't think "BAN ALL THE GUNS!" here's a few things that cross my mind...

  • How did he gain access to the guns in the first place?
  • Why was his mental illness not diagnosed and not being treated?
  • If a kid who is bullied does this, why wasn't it stopped? Why didn't someone do something?
  • Should the parents suffer ANY consequences for allowing the child access to their guns, either through permission or lax security of their guns?
  • Are there any types of guns that should legitimately be made illegal to own and why?

Again, because of gun nuts like the NRA and many (not all) of those who support and fund them, these types of issues aren't discussed in the depth or frequency they should be. I don't think any good solutions are going to be found until this changes.


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