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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bad names for sports teams.

A lot of people who follow sports have a favorite team, whether it's football, baseball or any other team based sport. All of them have one thing in common, a name. You see names like "The Dallas Cowboys" or "The Chicago Bears" etc. I'd like to provide a few, very bad, suggestions of my own for anyone looking to name their sports team.

  • The Alabama Slave Drivers

  • The Fighting Pacifists

  • The Connecticut Shooters

  • The Nagasaki Explosion

  • The New York Skyscrapers

  • The Florida Hurricanes

  • The Quadruple Amputees

  • The Fighting Diabetics

  • The New Orleans Drillers

  • The League Of Incredibly Clumsy Gentlemen

  • The Autistic Fury

  • The Fighting Chain Smokers

Do you have any more ideas for sports team names? Leave a comment.

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