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Monday, October 15, 2012


What the hell is wrong with some people? Having a pet cat be an "outside cat" where you have it outside most or all of the time is an absolutely terrible idea.

If you try to tell people this, most often than not they'll get hostile. They'll tell you that keeping a cat inside all the time is "cruel" or some such. You know what's really cruel? Letting your cat(s) get hit by a vehicle, or killed by another animal, or stolen by someone, or get a disease from a tick, etc, etc.

We used to have "outside cats" until a cat we had that was very old, by cat standards, got killed by dogs. We learned this lesson the hard way. Don't learn it the hard way yourself. We have cats that are inside all the time, they're just fine. They don't try to get out. Trust me, if you have an animal in your house that REALLY wants to get out, you'll know.

The area we live in has a lot of cats, outside cats. Just in the past month or two we've seen one or two get killed by vehicles, one of them injured by something and a kitten who we thought was going to be blind in one eye but luckily seems to have recovered from whatever caused it's eye issues.

I'm begging you people, for the sake of your cats, KEEP THEM INSIDE!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Random thoughts.

  • More fights to the death should take place inside bouncy castles.

  • I want to start a marathon to benefit blindness. I'll call it... Stumble around for the cure.

  • I'm going to write a cook book... an EVIL cook book. The name? The Omnomicon.

  • I want to go into the Tea business. My plan is to sell a box of assorted Teas, various flavors but all the packets will be unlabeled. You won't know what flavor you have until you drink it. I will call it... Uncertain Teas.

  • Confucius say... he who digs for treasure in cat box only find shit treasure. Actually, I'm pretty sure he didn't say that, but it's not like he can correct me. He's dead! HA!

  • Why haven't I posted in a while? I've been playing Guild Wars 2. Instead of doing a full review, I'll just say it's awesome, 5/5, go buy it.