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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Names you should NOT use for a guild.

So now that GuildWars 2 is here, I thought I would give some tips for your guild name. More specifically, names you should NOT use for your guild. This applies not only to GuildWars 2 but to any online game that supports guilds. Here they are.

  1. We Did 911

  2. The Krazy Klaw Krew

  3. Theater Gangsters

  4. The Critler Youth

  5. Armstrong Who

  6. Hitler Was OK

  7. League of Extraordinary Jews

  8. Gold Farmers

  9. We Es Brazilian HueHueHue

  10. Goon Squad

If the name of your guild resembles any of these, you should leave it right away. In fact, a server transfer wouldn't be a terrible idea.

I hope this list proves useful to you. Thoughts? Leave a comment.

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