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Friday, June 22, 2012

Going Intel, Return of the USPS.

So, after the trouble of UPS delivering my CPU to the wrong address, I finally have it.

Apparently, what happened was that UPS had left the package on a doorstep a street over. Whoever lived in that house wrote something like "delivered to the wrong address" on the box and set it back outside. Today, the mailman was delivering their mail, saw it, read the note and saw our address and decided to pick it up and bring it over. Mailman of the year right there.

I've spent most of the time with it so far physically installing it and reformatting windows. It's amazing how many goddamn updates there are to a vanilla Windows 7 installation.

So, how is it? Seems great so far. The only CPU benchmark I've done is Cinebench. What I found interesting was comparing the score I got with this CPU, the Intel Core i7 3770K, with my last one, the AMD FX 8150. The AMD chip, overclocked as high as I could go while keeping it cool, 4.6GHZ, scored 7.40. The Intel chip, running at a stock speed of 3.50GHZ, scored 7.93.

That's almost funny. Intel is just so far ahead at this point. Don't get me wrong, AMD chips are still fine as midrange and lower chips, absolutely fine. They just can't compete with Intel as high end chips anymore. I don't know if that's going to change, but I hope so. For now, I'm Intel 100%. I'll definitely update this post when I overclock the Intel chip and run Cinebench again.

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