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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Genius inventions.

1. Emo Onions.

The only onion that cuts itself.

Intelligent cookware.

Haven't you always wanted a ladle that possessed the intelligence to feel bad about the fact that it's called a ladle? I know I have.

Talking Tattoos.

A Tattoo that can call you a dumbass for getting it. That's what I call progress.

Shit Romney.

Toilet paper with Mitt Romney's face on it. I'd buy it.

Enhanced spell check.

A keyboard with a built-in spell checker. If you use "u" or "ur" as words, it electrocutes you.

Drowning in comfort.

Heated ice skates, to keep your feet warm while skating.

Smug comfort.

I call it: The Smuggie. It's a blanket with sleeves, made out of hundred dollar bills and wool, from really fancy sheep.

Taken literally.

Musical chairs. Not the kids game, actual chairs that play music. Why hasn't anyone else thought of this?

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