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Monday, February 6, 2012

Potatoes: The gangster of vegetables.

Have you ever noticed that the potato is the gangster of foods? No? Think about it...

You buy some, store them somewhere, perhaps in one of those things you hang in your kitchen, and does it die? Wither? Rot? Hell no. The potato says "No sunlight? No dirt? No water? Bitch I'm a potato! I'm gangsta as shit! I'll grow where ever I want! I'll grow all day and night, sprout right here in the kitchen! Fo' real! Gangsta fo' life! From the streets! All day! Gettin' my way! Outta prison! Back again! Doin' drive bys! On my own house! Don't give a fuck!"

I'm sure it's something like that anyway...

However, I WON'T point out that they're all brown. That would just be racist.

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