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Sunday, January 22, 2012

You know what pisses me off? "Tolerant" atheists.

This is something I've never undestood. That is, the idea that if you're a parent you should "let your child choose" between being taught religion and not being taught it. Take them to church if they want, why not? See what's out there.

To me, that makes absolutely no sense. Why would you even consider this? Here's a news flash, there may be two sides to every story but they aren't always equal. One of the responsibilities of a parent, in my opinion at least, is to make sure their child is properly educated. I don't consider sending your child to a place where they will be taught that the world is 6,000 some-odd years old, an invisible sky wizard created the universe and everyone becomes birdman when they die, to be seeing to your childs education.

Let me ask you this, would you want your child to be taught that the moon is made of cheese? Would you want them to be taught that the Earth orbits Mars? What about that Albert Einstein invented the wheel? No? Why not? Give your child a choice! Choice is always better... right?

That's my point. Atheists have gotten so "tolerant" that some of them consider letting their children attend church a fine idea, you know, let the child decide. That's absolutely insane to me. You don't get to "decide" the things that churches teach you. So much of what they claim has been disproven and debunked that you're basically sending them to stupid camp for the day. Your are willingly allowing your children to be misinformed and fed lies. I just don't get it.

Listen, I understand that letting your children decide things for themselves is a fine idea, but this just goes too far. This is a choice between knowledge and ignorance. It's no wonder we have a game show that challenges adults to answer 5th grade school questions and below... and people rarely win it. Holy shit, cut this shit out, Atheists.

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