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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cooler Master Cosmos II

So I recently got my Cooler Master Cosmos II pc case. Let me tell you, this thing is big as hell. How big is it? Well...

It's so big, if you were a 9/11 survivor and sat next to it, you would get flashbacks.

It's so big, if it tipped over and broke, internet rumors would begin that it was brought down in a controlled explosion by the government.

It's so big, new fault lines will form in the earth under where ever you sat it.

It's so big, if you buy one, Al Qaeda will attempt to ram American Airlines flights into it.

It's so big, that your mouse and keyboard can be conveniently stored mid-air in the cases own orbit.

In fact, if its mass were any greater, it would collapse in on itself and create a black hole in your house.

Seriously though, it's goddamn enormous. It's also really great, for such a big case.

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