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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cheeseburger rage.

So I like cheeseburgers, don't you? Most people do. I, however, like them simple. I eat out maybe once a month, but when I do I really don't enjoy getting the wrong thing.

I like a cheeseburger that's just a cheeseburger. I don't like pickles, lettuce, onions, any of that stuff. Just cheese. Simple, right? Apparently not. In the past getting one like that was sometimes difficult. Sometimes I would get onions or other crap and it really annoyed me, especially when they attempted to "fix" things by simply scraping them off the burger and giving it back.

We finally found a way to describe what we wanted that got the job done most of the time. You tell them you want "A cheese burger with JUST meat, cheese, ketchup and bread" and that seems to do the job most of  the time. It's a little long to say, but it works.

I suggest we have a universal term for such a burger. I propose we call it a "Vanilla Cheeseburger." This would be the term used at any place that serves burgers that means "meat, cheese, ketchup and bread only."

What do you think?

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