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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

You know what pisses me off? Chase.

Yeah, Chase, the bank. Now, they don't piss me off because they're a bad bank, far from it. I actually liked Chase. I liked the people who worked there, I liked the ATMs which were incredibly smart and modern and I especially liked how close I live to more than one branch.

So why do they piss me off? Well, when I signed up for my checking account it was "free" checking. Recently I received a letter from Chase letting me know that the "free" checking is no longer free. They told me they were going to start charging a $12 monthly fee unless I met any of several conditions. Conditions such as having at least one direct deposit to my account of at least $500 a month. Or paying $25 per month of service or other fees.

I didn't meet the conditions, so I either kept my account and payed the fee for my "free" checking or went elsewhere. I decided to open an account with Capital One. They charge no monthly fees and have no minimum balance. So that's what I did. I hated to leave Chase, but I signed up for free checking and $12 per month is not free.

So, in conclusion, fuck you Chase for making me switch banks with your greedy bullshit.

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  1. BB&T was a nice bank too until they started charging for everything. One madding little game they play is when you ask for a money order (free with an account) they say $7.00 and then argue with you when you remind them it's free! I think one day they (the banks) will install turnstiles and charge a quarter to enter their bank!!


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