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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

DavidGX's Brilliant Ideas.

Call of Booty: The Porn Game. Someone should make this happen.

Tanning beds for smurfs. I mean, aren't YOU curious about the color they would turn? I know I am.

A time machine. Just so I can go back in time and see how the first scale was weighed. I mean, surely you'd want to know that.

Planes to drop antacids into clouds. To fight acid rain. I'm a genius, I know.

We should all show up at a Catholic church holding a cat and ask if this is where the cat holics meeting was? Term coined by my mother.

Take really thin slices of turkey to a butcher at your local walmart, ask if he can make them thicker again.

Also, ask him if he does custom orders. Maybe you bring something in, maybe he doesn't ask where you got it.

Debit cards that withdraw from Bill Gates account. Hey, it's not like he would even notice right?

More later... maybe.

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