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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Team Coco feels no pain. Knows no fear. Has no mercy.

Does anyone else love Conan O'brien's new show, Conan? Because damn, I do. I always loved his show and was reallly excited to see him get The Tonight Show. After being screwed over by Leno, he moved to TBS with a new show.

If you haven't seen his new show, you can view it on TBS (check your local listings, blahblahetc) and at TeamCoco.com.

I'll try and update more once I get my PC going again near the end of the month. Replacing/upgrading parts.

On another note, I made a couple more T-Shirts while learning Gimp.

98% Chimp

Honestly, at this point, evolution can't be disputed by anyone with half a brain. So I made this shirt because... why not?

Wild Thing

I was messing around with graffiti style text, asked my sister what I might do with that and she suggested this on a females shirt. So... there it is. Available in multiple colors and styles.

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