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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Piracy > Inconvenience.

As I said in another post, content providers have to compete with free. That's the reality. Although not as grim as that might sound. All we need are good, legal alternatives and that will turn most people away from piracy.

I love the show House. I usually watch it on Hulu. There's ads, sure, but it's free and they aren't too annoying so that's where I watched House. I recently checked Hulu and saw a new episode was up, woot! I go to watch it and... fuck, it's a "Hulu Plus" thing now apparently. As I understood it, Hulu Plus is the option to pay for a much larger back catalog of shows, NOT new ones. But there it was, the new episode of House required you pay Hulu a fee AND watch the ads.

So... fuck that. I headed over to the Pirate Bay and grabbed the very same episode. I would have much rather watched it on Hulu, ads and all, but that's just ridiculous. So, I guess I'm pirating House from now on.

Thanks a ton, Hulu.

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