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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Deconstructing a poem.

So, Mary had a little lamb, right? We all know this. Here's a few things I'm wondering though...

"...everywhere that Mary went, the lamb was sure to go."

What if she had gone to a slaughter house? Would the lamb have followed?

"If followed her to school one day, which was against the rules..."

Ok so, what school out there specifically has a "no lambs" rule? I've never seen one. Maybe it's a rule created just for her and her sheep herding antics. This may have not been the first time she brought the lamb. But then...

"...if made the children laugh and play, to see a lamb at school."

This seems to imply that it WAS The first time, if it caused a reaction like that. So then, why the rule?

These are the things I think about when my fucking computer isn't working. In case you were wondering and hadn't been glancing at my tweets, my motherboard started acting shitty. Wouldn't let me boot into windows. I'll spare you the technical details and just say that it's been replaced and everything fine now.

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  1. Do some research on "Ring-around-the-rosie." This poem has a foreboding meaning for a children's song.


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