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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Comcast called my sister a bitch... and other reasons they suck.

So I've been offline for about a week or so now. Why? Because I use comcast.

It started when we had a couple days of hard rain. The first day we had a few moments of slowdown with our cable modem service. The next day we had a few short outages along with more slowdowns. The day after that, we had long periods of no service. We called and was told it was an outage and they were working on it. Ok, fine, no big deal.

The next day the internet service was more or less unusable. We called and was told that they'd send someone over the next day. The next day came and someone from comcast shows up, says they'll need to send a line technition over later that day. No one shows up.

Why not? The next day we called and they said that because they saw that the lights on one of our modems was on, they assumed everything was ok.

(We use a standard cable modem and a second one that doubles as a normal cable modem and a phone modem.)

We tried describing the problem but to no avail. We've had issues like this in the past after a heavy rainstorm and it's usually a box on the line out back that needs to be repaired.

The connection spends all day trying to connect and trying and trying and it will, sometimes, connect. Although when it does "connect" it's far too slow to use. Too slow even to connect to msn messenger or load google.com. It quickly dies. So they checked at the time it was, in only the most technical sense of the word, connected and even though someone else from comcast already wanted to send a line tech, they assumed everything was fine and cancelled on us.

We call later that day and find out what happened so we schedule someone to come over the NEXT day. The NEXT day comes and... wait for it... no one fucking shows up. Repeat this another time or two and you get the picture.

They tell us to reset our modems/restart our systems or some other bullshit and promise to show up and never do.

Like I said, we know what's going on. We've been through it before. A line technition can come out here and have it fixed in about an hour or less.

So, earlier (11/05/10) my sister calls from a payphone to attempt to get them to send a line technition tomorrow (which would be 11/06/10 as I'm writing this) and get this shit fixed finally. She tells them (my idea) that if this doesn't get fixed we're switching to DSL. The supervisor she's talking to says "bitch" and hangs up. Wow. Fucking unbelievable. Was she rude? No, not in the slightest. In fact I wish she would have been but it's not really in her nature.

She was about as nice about it as you can be. After a week or so of unusable internet service, my sister is talking to comcast on a payphone in the cold because, yeah, our phone service is comcast so it doesn't fucking work either, she gets called a bitch for wanting our service to be fixed.

We've known that comcast is run by the elite squad of the moron brigade for some time now, but that's low even for them. Not only do we have to put up with horrible service and lies, but harassment now?

Bah. I just wanted to give an update on what's being going on with me and why I've been absent.

Remember, when you want lies, bullshit, a horrible broken service and harassment... it's comcastic!

P.S. Just in case I didn't mention it, the person she was talking to that called her a bitch was a supervisor. His name started with a "D". It was "Dory" I think.

P.P.S. As of 2 PM CST 11/06/10 it's back up, finally. Absolutely horrible in all ways. If you have the option, never deal with comcast EVER.

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