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Friday, October 8, 2010

Good passwords.

I felt like making a post about creating good passwords and so I'm doing that. Why? My site, that's why, bitch.

Creating good passwords can sometimes be annoying because different sites and services can sometimes have different standards. Some allow you to use special characters, some don't. Some allow you to use really long passwords and others don't, etc. But here are some general tips.

1. Nothing from the dictionary. Period. No "stethoscope" or "apron" or any common word.

2. The best password is a mixture of letters, numbers, special characters and caps/lowercase.

3. It's also a good idea to use different passwords for different sites. Instead of having to remember multiple complicated passwords, try changing them slightly. For example, but the first letter of the name of the site/service in your password. If your password is "w@FFl3z" then add the "g" in there somewhere. Perhaps at the eng. "w@FFl3zg" or anything else. Or at the last letter somewhere. Or the first two, etc, etc.

Let's make a password.

Let's think of something to start with. What do you like? Favorite places? Anything. Let's say you like cats and peanut butter... catbutter. Two words from the dictionary so... not good enough.

Let's make a couple of those letters capitol. cAtbuTter. Better.

Let's add some numbers. cAtbuT13r. Better still.

Now let's add a special character or two. (AtbuT13r!

Not bad at all. Good luck to anyone trying to guess your password now. If the website supports spaces in the password, You could use something like: (Atb uT13r!

That's just an example though. Using these tips you should be able to come up with your own very secure password(s).

Now if we could only get websites to adopt some universal standard for passwords. I'll suggest one right now:

sURPASS: UniveRsal PASsword Standard

All passwords must be at least 8 characters.

All passwords must include at least one number and special character.

All passwords can be no more than 64 characters.

All characters allowed, multiple case and spaces.

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