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Monday, October 25, 2010

And I thought "I" was impatient.

What's with all the Obama hate here lately? Everyone is acting like he's not even trying, like he hasn't done anything.

The last guy fucks up the country over 8 years and you're pissed that it hasn't all been undone in 2? What? Half of one term people, seriously.

Here's a few things that he's done so far. He hasn't saved the earth from an asteroid and turned our shit into diamonds but at least he's doing good things for the country.

I have issues with some of his decisions like anyone else, but let's not pretend he's anything like the last jackass.

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  1. The state that I (temp.)live in has always been hardcore GOP and full of holier-than-thou hypocrite racists. Always God, Jesus, and George W. Bush. Forbid you ever speak ill of any of these *ahem* supreme beings!. The very minute Obama was elected, everyone, yes I mean EVERYONE, started bitching what a bad president he is, that he has destroyed this nation, that he is going to sell the U.S. to (pick a country) etc, etc, ad infinitum. Obama hadn't been in office 24 hours when I came across this country bumpkin mouthing off that it was the end of this nation. So I asked her "Did the last clown give us eight years of paradise on Earth?" She looked at me, her eyes turned red, and I very quickly walked away. Two, four, or even eight years may not be enough for ANY president to straighten out this nation after the rule of a buffoon. Remember..."is our children learning?" Oh boy...


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