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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Product Review: Arctic MX-3

So I've ordered a few things over the last week and thought I would do a few product reviews just because. I just got my Arctic MX-3 Thermal Grease today so we'll start with that.

If any system builders or anyone that uses thermal grease are lurking around here, check this out.

I recently ordered a tube of Arctic MX-3 Thermal Grease. I must say, this stuff is freakin' awesome. Here's the details from the packaging.

What this means is, the thermal grease will reach it's full effectiveness immediately. No curing time required, unlike the thermal grease I was using before, Artic Silver 5. Also because it's not conductive or capacitive, it won't short anything out should you somehow spill it onto the motherboard or any other components.

High Thermal Conductivity
Low Thermal Resistance
Electrically Non-Conductive

The package also claims "8 Year Durability" which should mean that this stuff won't have to be changed for 8 years. Not likely you'll be using the same processor or cooler that long but, very nice.

As for performance, there's various articles online you can have a look at. I can only convey what I've experienced with my system. I have an AMD Phenom II 940. A quad-core 64bit processor. Overclocked from 3.0ghz at 1.25 volts to 3.5ghz at 1.45 volts. Running the AMD Overdrive stability test for 20 minutes produced a temperature of 58 Celsius. After removing the previous thermal grease and applying MX-3, the same test at 20 minutes produced a temperature of 54 Celsius.

Hardly scientific, but damn, that's 4 degrees off. Not 4 degrees cooler than stock paste, but 4 degrees cooler than Article Silver 5! That's pretty damned impressive, in my opinion.

The paste was easy to apply, not runny at all. The plunger-style container comes with plenty and even has transparent spots on the side to show you when you're getting low. I'd expect to get many, many applications out of it before I would need more.

My verdict? Buy it. It's awesome. It's a little pricey for thermal grease but in my opinion, well worth it.

Arctic MX-3 on Amazon
Official page

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