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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Let's not split hairs.

You notice something interesting when you spend time on a website where a lot of people comment about religion. People, even people who belong to "mainstream" religions tend to make fun of religions like scientology. This is something I don't quite get. If you're, say, a christian, you basically believe the invisible mayor of sky city sent himself as his son, via a rape, to sacrifice himself to himself to somehow make up for the sins his imperfect creations commit because they're imperfect. Or something like that.

What place do you have to make fun of someone else for having a religion that involves space ships and pyramids? I'm not defending scientology and I'm CERTAINLY not attacking the practice of making fun of religon, but it's just splitting hairs.

I personally don't find ANY religion to be more or less sane than any other. They're ALL bullshit. They should all be regarded as such. One religious person attacking another for their beliefs is like one shit covered jackasses throwing shit at another and then going "HA HA, YOU'RE COVERED IN SHIT NOW!"

ALL religions have that certain... je ne sais bullshit so let's not split hairs.


  1. What really infuriates me is when a religious fanatic/psychotic (both words are interchangeable) preaches to me how I'm going to hell thus breaking the rule "judge not lest ye be judged." Does this mean when you're vomiting god's laws you're immune to them? Bullshit indeed.

  2. They do nothing BUT judge. So many of these nutballs twist their religion into a badge of honour, using it to elevate themselves above others and claim superiority.

    Much like communism, Christianity is fine in theory, but people screw it up.


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