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Sunday, August 1, 2010

You know what pisses me off? This stuff.

Global warming. This summer has been pretty unbearable so far. I can't stand the heat and thus to this summer I say, fuck you.

Dieing case fans. One of the fans on my case is dieing. It's not super vital, the system won't fail when it dies but still... god damnit. How annoying.

Xbox 360. Great system... when it works. We've had SEVEN die so far. So, fuck you microsoft. Go sell fruit if you want to peddle lemons so badly. At least it'll be honest.

Spider man. You're either a spider or a man, sir, pick a side. We're at war.

Rechargeable batteries that no longer hold a charge. Yeah, they wear out. It happens. A year or two after you buy them they won't hold a charge any more. They're still a fantastic bargain since they last so long and through so many charges. I'd never use non-rechargeables ever again. But yeah... it's annoying.

Smurfs. They know what they did.

PlayOn. I already covered that in another post. But I'm still annoyed. What a scam that program is.

Did I mention summer? Yeah, I hate the heat.

The Daily show and The Colbert Report. No, I love the shows. I hate how lazy they are. Seriously, they take WAY too much time off. A week here, two weeks there, sometimes for no apparent reason. I need my fix, guys, come on.

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