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Monday, August 9, 2010

We got the bastard now!

I've long suspected that Peter Molyneux, big-wig at Lionhead Studios was really a leprechaun. This is a conspiracy that goes ALL the way back to at least last thursday. I've had little luck gathering evidence to support my suspicions... until now.

Apparently the moron slipped up. Up until now he's been making games, fables and such. Why? I suspect to either buy back all his cereal or even the company that now makes it. You know, get at it from the source. It was a pretty good cover, so I'm not sure why he so willingly blew it.

Check this out:

He must have snapped. Or he really loves Lucky Charms. Somehow he got the idea to give the first person that came to the Engadget Show with a box of Lucky Charms a character appearance in Fable III. Dude totally could have went to the supermarket after the show, but now he's got to program some random Engadget readers' faces into his game.

Via destructoid

The supermarket? Oh no, he's too clever for that. Or, at least, he was. You ALMOST had us fooled, didn't you, you son of a bitch? I'm not sure if he's just toying with me or growing desperate for the cereal but he's now blatantly asking for people to bring it to him. Such a genius, a master of disguise, reduced to this.

We've got the bastard now.

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