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Thursday, August 12, 2010

A tall tale.

In the beginning, everything was orange. Not like kinda orange, like really super freakin orange. I mean, holy cow man. Things were orange. And then purple. And then right back to orange... except 1000x more orange than before. It was like orange day in orange town at orange-o-clock.

Then, the coming of the llamas. Also, they were orange too. A stream of orange llamas that came to our orange universe to liberate it from all the orange. They themselves being so orange, knew the perils of such orangiosity.

And so, their dark work began. The first thing they did was to create sugar dr pepper. But then realized it actually tasted better with high fructose corn syrup and abandoned that idea. Then they created the earth. It was pretty freakin orange, what, with all the other orangeness around. So, in an effort to contain all the orange, they created oranges. A fruit so orange that it had to be named orange. Thus leaving them room to make other things different colors.

They made the sky blue, the grass green and Eddie Murphy brown. For it was all part of their grand plan.

And a few hundred eggplant years later, here we are. Never fully knowing just how orange a universe can be, but grateful that we'll never have to find out. Thanks to oranges.

Now give me one shred of real evidence that my story isn't as good as yours, christians/muslims/jews/etc. Well, you can't, so I guess we better teach this story in school. You know, teach the controversy. Let the students decide.

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