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Friday, August 6, 2010

$45 Garage Sale Purchase Worth $200 Million

Found this bit of news recently on the interwebs.

Rick Norsigian, who frequents garage sales in search of antiques, purchased two small boxes of negatives for $45 at a sale in Fresno, California nearly 10 years ago. It turns out that the glass negatives were created by famed photographer Ansel Adams and date back to 1919 before Adams became well known as a nature photographer.

The negatives of famous Yosemite landscapes and San Francisco landmarks are reportedly worth at least $200 million, according to CNN. The negatives were recently appraised by Beverly Hills appraiser and art dealer David W. Streets, who unveiled the photographs at his gallery on Tuesday.

Full Article.

My first thought was "I wonder if they considered taunting the people they bought those from?".

I mean, seriously. How could you NOT do that? Just drive to the original place where you got them at the garage sale and go "Those negatives I bought from you, yeah, for $45. Those sold for 200 million! Can you believe it? Holy cow! I'm glad I bought those, thanks a lot!"

How do you resist?? I'm not sure if I could. Just head over there, hand them a small box and say "for making me all that money, I bought you a gift."

Inside the box is a framed picture of your 200 million dollars. Could you resist doing something like that?

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