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Thursday, July 22, 2010

You know what pisses me off? Cold faces.

You know what criminals, bank robbers, etc? Fuck you guys. Why? Face masks.

Yeah, you heard me. I can't wear them. Can anyone else? Hell no. In winter time, when walking our dogs or some other out door activity, I might like to wear one. My face gets cold. I bundle up and walk the dogs in the morning in winter. It's no big deal.

But no, I can't wear a face mask. I'll look like a bank robber who, for some reason, decided to walk some dogs right after a bank robbery.

I'm not sure why a bank robber would rob a bank and then, without changing clothes, starts walking dogs around the neighborhood. It could happen. Maybe.

But seriously though, fuck you guys. I can't even consider wearing something on winter mornings that might keep my face warm because of you assholes. So, yeah. Waffles, bitches.

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  1. i always wrap a scarf around my lower face and a hat or hood above that. this way only my eyes are uncovered, but it doesnt say criminal


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