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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What pisses me off? Shitty super heroes.

The lamest super heroes ever. These assholes.

Seriously, what kind of crack was up the ass of the retard who thought of these two? The girl, whatsherface turns into animals or something. She's not so bad but the other asshole turns into water. Seriously... water? What? Not even like, cool stuff like tidal waves or snow monsters or something.

I saw a lot of the show and never saw puddleboy change into anything cool.

"Form of... CONDENSATION! HAHA, Evildoer! I am now positively COVERING your drinking class! Here you were, doing evil, caught totally unawares without even a coaster!"


"Super villians, they never learn!"

Hey, at least it would be accurate that way. Seriously though, fuck that guy.

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