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Friday, July 16, 2010

What pisses me off? OMG PHONES!

Lately you can't toss a dead xbox 360 around the internet without hitting a goddamned phone article. OMG IPHONES! IPHONES ANTENNAS! TEH DROIDSZ! You know what? Fuck them all.

Go to most any gadget/gizmo/tech site these days and 75% or more of the articles are about phones, smartphones, smarter phones and slightly less smarter smart phones. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty tired of hearing about it.

Maybe I'm just not "with it" but I have no desire to pay $400 for a phone so I can pay $100 per month to surf the web on a 4" screen and have my calls dropped by shitty ass AT&T. Then of course the thing scratches and breaks because it's one, large, glass, un-covered screen. The battery life lasts a cool 20 minutes and takes hours to recharge. No fucking thanks.

Someone needs to invent the iShitter so we can stop hearing about phones for a few minutes. Reading about all the new toilets would be a fresh change from all this phone bullshit.

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