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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Screw you, Bannon.

Seriously, fuck that guy. Who? Bannon, from the game Fallout 3. He has a clothing "shop" set up in Rivet City. It's called "Potomic Attire" Seriously.

You should hear the way he says it. Oh wait, that's right, INTERNETS! You can. Here, watch this.

Spoiler warning. This is the entire "Council Seat" quest. If you just want to hear this annoying bastard with no spoilers stop at 30 seconds.

What an asshole. This guy is on a rusting, broken boat in an irradiated post-apocalyptic city selling old, dirty, clothes he got... who the hell knows how he got them and it's POTOMIC ATTIRE? With that irritating tone? Really? You know what he needs? A punch in the face. If this guy was any more up his own ass he'd have to wash the shit out of his hair with bleach.

Next time you're in Fallout 3 (which you should be because it's an awesome game) give this asshole a punch in the face. For me, and justice.

Mostly for me.

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